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Essex House Clearances provide probate clearance and property clearance services across most of Essex, ideal if you have a flat, house, bungalow, garage, office or shop that needs to be cleared of unwanted furniture and other items.

Customers ask us to undertake property clearances for many reasons, but usually with similar objectives, to prepare a house or other property for occupation, sale or letting. Whatever the reason, we are able to help.

Most property clearances can be completed in a single day but for larger jobs, or where (for example) we need to collect and bag large volumes of personal effects, clothing or simply rubbish, it can sometimes be necessary to split the work across two days. As long as we have access to the property it’s not a problem, so don’t feel you need to make everything nice and tidy before we arrive!

Anything that can’t be rehomed is taken to a commercial waste station where it will be stripped and anything recyclable is recycled. We then usually make a separate run to take any usable furniture either to storage or direct to the charity (depending on time of day, etc) we’re donating it to. The only items we cannot take away (they are not accepted by commercial recycling centres) are foodstuffs, liquids, chemicals and hazardoue materials. We are licenced waste carriers (Registration No: CBDU333923) and take our responsibilities seriously.

We deal with all types of property clearance including after an illegal occupancy or abusive tenancy, where more often than not ‘everything must go’, or after the property and contents have been ruined by smoke damage. We also offer probate clearance services, after a family member has passed away, and will manage the property clearance discreetly and compassionately in these cases, including providing a cleaning service, if required.

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Property Clearance in Essex

If you live in Essex and you’re looking for a firm offering property clearance services near you, we can almost certainly help. We cover most of Essex including Chelmsford, Colchester, Braintree and all surrounding towns and areas. If you’re unable to attend the property we’re perfectly happy to work in partnership with your chosen agents or legal representatives to visit the property to provide a quote for the property clearance.

We are sometimes able to reduce the costs of a property clearance if any of the items in the property are readily saleable, although we are always limited in storage space and second-hand furniture rarely commands more than nominal prices. In most cases we prefer where possible to donate to charitable causes, and if you have a specific charity in mind we’re happy to speak to them to see what items they are able to accept.

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