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We are your local house clearance experts, providing property clearance services across Essex and parts of neighbouring Herts and Suffolk. We’re only a small business, run by family and friends, but we are professional, efficient and flexible.

We offer house clearance in Chelmsford, Braintree, Witham, Tiptree, Maldon, Brentwood and Colchester regions, plus all surrounding areas. You can click here if you’d like to see a list of areas we cover but, in simple terms, if you’re up to an hour’s drive from central Essex, we cover your area.

Most of our property clearance customers are private individuals who only need us to clear a single property but we offer the same reliable, friendly, efficient and personal service to local property owners, property agents, landlords, housing associations and local authorities alike.

We have many years of experience of clearing all types of property, commercial and residential, so whether you need a ‘normal’ house clearance, probate clearance or even a commercial property clearance, we can help quickly and efficiently. It’s all we do!

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Local House Clearance

There can be many reasons for a property clearance and we’re experienced enough to know how to deal with them all. This includes probate clearances – where a property needs to be emptied after the passing of a family member – and our teams always try to be as flexible, tactful and compassionate as possible in such cases. We’re able to work either with yourself or your appointed agents or keyholders to ensure everything is done with the least inconvenience.

A normal part of house clearance work is clearing properties previously occupied by hoarders and we are always happy to do this. It’s not uncommon at all and although clients often apologise about how a property looks, how full or run down it might be, you can be sure we’ve seen and cleared worse! It may take a little time to clear a genuinely over-filled property but we are fully accustomed to it. Some house clearances are requested by landlords or property agents after an abusive or illegal tenancy and again, we are happy to do whatever is neccessary in order to empty the property so it can be prepared for renting to new occupants, regardless of the type of property.

Clearance Quotes

It may sound obvious but we can’t give a proper house clearance quote until we visit the property to assess the work. We need too assess the time it will take to remove everything, what type of items need to be removed, how much the contents are likely to weigh and also what items are likely to generate revenue for us if we can sell them – this can then lower the cost of your house clearance. All the items that we need to dispose of are taken to licenced commercial recycling plants in accordance with our own waste carrier licence.

Whilst the majority of the local property clearance work we undertake comes from private property owners and personal reccommendations, it’s worth saying that we also offer our services to letting agents, estate agents and legal representatives who need our assistance. We also have a referral scheme for those interested in working with us on a regular basis.

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Fully Licenced for House Clearance

In accordance with UK legislation, Essex House Clearances are fully licenced by the UK Environmental Agency as waste carriers / brokers. If you’re not sure why it’s important to deal with properly licenced clearance companies, please see this page for more information. Even if you choose not to use our services, it’s very important that you only ever deal with fully licenced operators because if you hire fly-tippers you are ultimately responsible if your property ends up dumped at the roadside.

Recycle and re-use, not landfill

When we undertake a house clearance, we try to recycle and rehome as much of the contents as we possibly can, not least to reduce what ends up in landfills. We can’t rehome or sell everything but we can usually save a fair percentage. Any unwanted furniture that is still good enough to use will either be sold or donated to deserving local causes and charities where possible, with the aim of helping those at the lower end of the housing market. The same applies to household items such as electrical good, clothes and a whole range of other items. Prior to starting to empty a house we sort through the contents, boxing up what can be saved and what needs to be recycled. Once we finish sorting through the items, anything which has no realistic chance of being reused is taken to a commercial recycling centre where it will be broken down into its basic components to ensure everything possible is recycled.

Whatever we do, as is often the case with smaller, local community-based businesses, we rely on personal recommendations from customers. We’re your local property clearance experts, providing a friendly, efficient, reliable and trustworthy service at all times. As an added bonus, we offer service with a smile, totally free of charge!