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Charity House Clearance; regardless of the reason behind a house clearance, or any other type of property clearance, many of the items we take away and which are in good saleable condition are donated to one or more of the charities we support. Almost all of these charities have their own charity shops in and around Essex, and they use their shops to sell the items we donate to raise money.

Specific charity donations vary according to the items we collects as, for example, some don’t accept furniture, some won’t accept electrical appliances etc and whether an individual charity is accepting items at the time. A lot of the items we donate go to the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance, with less frequent donations to RSPCA Danaher, Helen Rollason Cancer Charity, Farleigh Hospice and Sue Ryder. We have also supplied other charities with one-off donations depending on their needs – for example a van-load of (new) towels and related items which were shipped to Ukraine in 2022.

Charity House Clearance

It’s worth explaining that charities don’t accept anything and everything. Items need to be saleable and need to be the items which they are set up to sell (for example some charity shops only accept clothing, some have furniture shops etc). Items that most charities don’t like to sell (such as books, videos, dvds etc) are instead donated in batches to local residential care homes, whose residents welcome such things.

One of our foremost aims is to reduce waste to the absolute minimum. This is done by in several ways; by donating suitable items to charity, donating items to private individuals with low income and by ensuring that even items which can’t be re-used are at least ethically recycled rather than seeing them contribute to landfills. This includes not just good quality furniture but also appliances, general household items, clothing and even personal effects. Nothing of genuine use goes to waste.

If you are in the process of looking for a charity house clearance to empty a property, particularly in the case of probate house clearances, call us or click the button below to get in touch and arrange a quote visit. We will arrange a mutually convenient time to visit the property and assess the items that need removing. You can be assured that nothing which can be rehomed will be thrown away.

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To avoid any misunderstanding, while we provide charity house clearance services, we are not a charity ourselves and should not be taken to be one. Essex House Clearances is a small local business which aims to make a profit in order to pay wages (and survive!). We do sell a percentage of any saleable items we recover in order to ensure profitability but, unlike many house clearance businesses, we do not operate second-hand shops and so we try to donate items to charity where possible. Aside from our own personal preferences, donating items to charity (or individuals in need) helps us too because it reduces the recycling charges we pay, which also helps us to keep our clearance fees as low as possible!


House clearances, for any reason, are rarely happy occasions and we try our best to be as unobtrusive and felxible as possible. If you don’t want to visit the property or can’t due to other commitments we’re happy to work around that, dealing with agent or solicitor you are using, or whoever you have chosen as a keyholder for the property. We are accustomed also to clearances in care and retirement homes and know exactly what is required from them in terms of how we operate.

Fully Licenced

In accordance with UK legislation, Essex House Clearances are fully licenced by the UK Environmental Agency as waste carriers / brokers. If you’re not sure why it’s important to deal with properly licenced clearance companies, please see this page for more information.

Friendly, discreet Service

Whatever we do, as is often the case with smaller, local community-based businesses, we rely on personal recommendations from customers. We’re your local property clearance experts, providing a friendly, efficient, reliable and trustworthy service at all times. As an added bonus, we offer service with a smile, totally free of charge!